Kids can be difficult to entertain. if they ae not aproiroately kept busy, you run the risk of hearing the dreaded whine: Mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’m booooorrrreeeeeedddd. As a mom myself, I know that there are fewer teeth grating sounds in the entire world than a bored kid. So, to keep your kids entertained, and you sane, here are five great things to do with them over the Easter Holidays in Hartbeespoort.

Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary

Kids love monkeys, and the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary has loads of them. The sanctuary is home to multiple rescued small primates, mos of which free roam through their own indigenous forest. Guests walk through the forest on walkways, and get to interact with the monkeys. Guides are with you at all times. It recommended however, that you remove jewelry and make sure that your handbags are tightly closed. Monkeys are notorious thieves!

Ariel Cable Way

Harties is home to one of the most spectacular cable ways in the country. Set on the slopes of the Magaliesberg, the cable way is the longest mono-cable way in Africa. There’s lots to do at the base station and at the top. Kids can wander along the Dassie Loop walkway, where educational placards describe points of interest seen from the top, or play in the KidZone, while parents enjoy some much-needed rest.

Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

The Cheetah Centre in South Africa was established in 1971, initially as a cheetah breeding project. The Centre has during the past 40 years bred over 800 cheetah cubs. Various conservation projects have been initiated since its inception which also includes a successful African wild dog breeding program. Known in the past as the De Wildt Cheetah Center, the name has recently been changed to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre as a tribute to the woman who has devoted her life to the survival of the cheetahs as well as other rare and endangered species. Take the kids for a day out with these amazing cats, and instill a love of nature and animals.

Hartbeespoort Dam Aquarium

The Hartbeespoort Aquarium which was established about 45 years ago is still operating, and is still a great attraction for kids of all ages.The Aquarium is the only fresh water Aquarium in South-Africa, and boasts a variety of both indigenous and tropical fresh water fish. The Aquarium also provides a safe haven for orphaned animals such as  the Cape Fur Seal, African Penguins, Great White Pelicans and Nile Crocodiles. Their shows with the Seals, Pelicans, Penguins and Crocodiles are both educational and entertaining; however the shows on weekends, public holidays and during the week are for groups only.

Lion and Safari Park

Over its almost 50 year history, the Lion Park became Gauteng’s Number One Tourist Attraction. Here you can see a number of big cats and other animals such as giraffe. Cheetah walks and lion cub experiences are offered, and closely monitored. It is also worth mentioning that the Lion Park has a very strict lion cub policy. Although they do have cubs, they do not associate with any form of hunting or canned lion operations.  The new Lion and Safari Park has spared no expense in creating a world class tourist attraction in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind. Its free to enter, but you will have to pay a fee to tour the actual animal park. If you just want to have lunch though, you can see giraffes and browse the number of shops and restaurants on offer.

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